Prosthetic Eyes

Ocular Prosthetic Labs provide new and replacement prosthetic eyes for the enucleated or eviscerated socket. Our custom prosthesis are impression molded to fit the socket and intricately hand-painted to match the companion eye.

Ocular Conformers

Pre-operative and post-operative therapeutic conformers can be fabricated for reconstructive purposes. Over time these clear plastic stents help healing and improve development of the eye socket for receipt of your new prosthetic.

Scleral Cover Shells

A scleral cover shell is an ocular prosthesis worn over an existing blind or shrinking eye much like a large contact lens. Fitted to and covering the front surface of the eye and within the eyelid opening, it moves with the existing eye and provides a more natural and aesthetic appearance.

Polishing & Cleaning

In addition to your regular cleaning at home, polishing and resurfacing your prosthesis removes accumulated protein and scratches, resulting in optimum comfort and appearance. Give us a call to learn more and schedule an appointment.