About Us

Ocular Prosthetics Lab, Inc is an ancillary provider to the practice of ophthalmology. We are a Central Florida family owned and operated business, which has transitioned from the optical dispensing business exclusively into the practice of ocular and facial prosthetics. As board-certified ocularists, we specialize in the fitting and fabrication of prosthetic eyes, ocular conformers, scleral cover shells and facial prosthetics. Patients requiring the services of an Ocularist must have been to an Ophthalmologist or other licensed physician for their initial surgical procedures and related medical care. Thereafter, for purposes of insurance authorization, a patient may be referred to the Ocularist by another M. D. or Optometrist.

Our long training and experience is your best assurance of competence, quality and craftsmanship.”

– Richard Bowen Sr., Founder OPL


Rick Bowen Jr.

Rick Bowen is a second-generation, Board Certified Ocularist. Certified by the National Examining Board of Ocularists he has more than 20 years experience providing ocular and facial prosthetics in Central Florida. He is a member of the American Society of Ocularists and is a Board Approved Diplomate Oculatist.

Our Team

Ocular Prosthetic Lab’s quality care and technical expertise is testament to our patient-first service. Through continuing education programs and training each of our team members expands their knowledge as our ongoing commitment to bringing you the latest in the art of ocular prosthesis.