Frequency of eye removal and cleaning varies with each patient. Under ideal circumstances monthly cleaning is sufficient. Use of Ocusoft® Lid Scrubs on eyelashes and front of prosthesis followed by flushing with Ocusoft® Eye Wash from the front is recommended. Remove prosthesis only if necessary. Flush socket if prosthesis is removed.

Foreign bodies, wind and dust can cause discomfort and require additional cleaning.

Conditions unique to the patient may require as much as daily removal and cleansing.

The eye socket is just as subject to infections, allergies, etc. as before surgery. In such cases, the services of a physician may be required and will be the patient’s responsibility.

Further instructions including removal and insertion of the prosthesis are explained and demonstrated at the time of fitting.

Care & Maintenance

  • For cleaning, we recommend Ocusoft® Hand Soap, Palmolive® dish detergent (original scent) or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Use saline solution or an eye wash for rinsing and cleaning the eye socket.
  • Use an artificial eye lubricant as a daily comfort drop. Usually 1 drop AM and 1 drop PM.
  • To satisfy individual requirements contact us via telephone or e-mail for a variety of hard to find maintenance products.
  • See your ocularist twice annually for exam and prosthesis resurfacing.

If you have a question about your artificial eye, be sure to give us a call. You have every right to feel good about yourself and how you look. Our Ocularist will do everything possible to help you achieve this goal.


Never clean or soak your artificial eye in alcohol because it will crack the plastic and destroy the ocular prosthesis.