At Ocular Prosthetics Lab, we love our patients, and are proud to be a part of their recovery process and wellness. Included here are a few examples of our work along with testimonials which speak to our work. Please take a little time to review and give us a call if you have any questions.

I am impressed with the care and compassion I received from Ocular Prosthetics Lab.
Since my accident, I was worried how my team would react to having me lead our meetings, but most my coworkers are quite as ease. I am much more confident than I would have thought and they can’t really tell I have a prosthetic at all. Thanks, Rick!
Scott S.
My son had a hard time fitting in at school, but since his prosthesis he has become much more social. He comes home smiling and ready to share the details of his day. Thank you.
Mary P.