The art & science of custom-made ophthalmic prosthetics that puts the focus back on the beauty within.

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Patient First

When a person learns it is necessary to have an eye removed, or suffers an eye loss, often the emotional trauma can be equal to, or greater than the physical. That’s why providing a professional and compassionate care approach is our mission – to ensure the best possible transition and emotional outcome for our patients well-being.

For many, an important factor after surgery is how one is going to look and deal with an ocular prosthesis (artificial eye). Our customized and personalized approach relieves these concerns by providing patient-first, compassionate care throughout recovery, and putting the focus back on all that life has to offer.

Now partering with LaSER Eye Jewelry to offer prosthetic and cosmetic scleral contact lenses. Made of Soft, PMMA and RGP materials, each lens is hand-painted and expertly-colored. Also check out our 3D Smart artificial eyes with dilating pupil and touch sensitive sclera. Click the link at right to learn more.

Why choose Ocular Prosthetics Lab?

  • Patient First
  • Compassionate Care
  • Personalized Approach
  • Board-Certified by the National Examining Board of Ocularists
  • Three locations to serve you
  • Some insurances accepted with qualified referral
  • Major cc accepted

Meet Rick

Rick and our highly-qualified team have extensive experience and expertise in the field of ocular and facial prosthetics. Visit our about page to learn more about how we can put our experience to work and bring into focus a happier, more confident you.

The Art & Science

The process of ocular prosthetics is part practical science and part vision and artistry. At Ocular Prosthetic Labs, we practice a blend of aesthetic and functionality, swirled together with a healthy dose of compassion to help you get the focus back on enjoying life. Learn more…


Proper care and maintenance of your prosthesis will ensure your comfort and well being. Learn more about how to maintain your artificial eye, when to visit your ocularist and more.


Visit our image gallery to see examples of our work, and learn more about what patients have to say about Ocular Prosthetic Labs.